Do I need a new prescription every time I purchase a new breast form and prosthetic bras?

If you want us to bill your insurance a prescription is required. Some physicians will write your prescription for a yearly supply of products. Medicare has now made it mandatory that the doctors order your mastectomy bras by the quarter of year. For example if you can get eight bras a year he/she needs to write the prescription for 2 mastectomy bras per quarter. If your prescription state an amount without breaking it down that’s OK we can follow up with your physician.

How often can I get a new prosthesis and prosthetic bras?

Medicare and most insurance companies will cover breast prostheses every two years due to wear. This rule is based on the condition of the prosthesis it must need to be replaced. It’s not just a given of two years.
Prosthetic bras are also replaced due to wear. Medicare will recognize that you need two good bras at all times, one to wear and one in wash. If you’re getting a black, a white and a beige they will recognize that you need three. Medicare doesn’t actually limit the amount of bras per year but they do expect the physician to order what he feels you need per quarter and any more that three per quarter would be questioned as to why you need more.
Private insurance companies all set their own rules so you would need to check with your insurance company.

Are prosthetic bras more expensive than regular bras and what’s the difference?

Prosthetic bras are not more expensive than a regular bra. The difference in a regular bra and a prosthetic bra is a pocket of stretchy cotton is sewn in the cup of the bra to hold the prosthesis securely. These bras can be worn by anybody they simply add a layer of soft cotton between your breast and the cup of the bra making them more comfortable. Prosthetic bras are also great if you wear enhancers or a shaper they ensure that your products are held securely in the pocket.

How do I care for my breast form?

Daily washing with mild soap and water, then pat dry is recommended. Always store your breast form in the specially-designed breast form box to extend the life of your prosthesis.

How long will my prosthesis last?

Most breast prostheses are warranted for two years from the manufacturer. With proper care your prosthesis should provide years of comfortable wear.

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